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Drinks Machine

The Reception Area Client Courtesy Oasis (RACCO) brings quality back to hot drink refreshment. The intention is to stimulate and involve the user at as many levels of interaction as possible. The tri-lobed format serves three people simultaneously, providing a pivotal unit to approach from all angles.


The human scale and organic form of the RACCO welcomes the user. The six foot tall structure, designed to be centrally located, is a prominent feature within any crowded area, such as board rooms or hotel lobbies. It serves both as a functional hot drinks center as well as intriguing art, tastefully complimenting large architectural expanses with a unique product.


The next level of interaction is with the process of drink preparation. Presenting the user with elements familiar to tea and coffee preparation, they can elegantly achieve their desired brew.


The RACCO creates an ideal forum for interaction with other people. While preparing a drink at one of the three bays, there is a relaxed opportunity to interact with other users.


Traditional materials and craftsmanship provide association with quality. The main base, in cast bronze or aluminum, anchors to the floor. The hollow cavity provides secure passage for a plumbed water pipe and an insulated electrical cable. Chromed cup holders secured at the top contour down and are embedded into the platforms. Water appears to come from the borosilicate (Pyrex) tear shape for an aesthetic element. Water is kept at boiling point within a copper coil, then optically proportioned in one cup loads. Sachets of sugar and milk cups are stored in space saving compartments and dispensed from spring loaded shoots in the lower work surface.


The pedestal form emerged as favorite from a collage of explorative sketches. Structural parallels in the final design are apparent with references to tree and fungus.